Warriors move past the ageless wonder Spurs; Face the Pelicans in round 2 and one famous Unibrow.

Oakley, Calif—The Warriors are moving onto the second round to face the suddenly scorching hot Pelicans. Steph’s comeback is in huge jeopardy (more on that towards the end of this post) and the play of Jrue Holiday has been the talk of the playoffs as well as the best young big in the game, Anthony Davis. The Dubs got it done without their best player, play maker, dribbler, and best shooter in league history.
ROUND 1 SERIES NOTES ????    This series would have been drastically different had Leonard played, but they don’t choose their opponents and they got the job done against a tough veteran playoff team. Durant once again showed he’s a top tier playoff legend and put up monster averages; 33.0 Pts, 14.0 Rebs, 2.3 Blks. Draymond was the crucial factor on the defensive end and a rabid dog on the glass, especially the last two games, with a combined 37 boards. 37 boards! The Spurs starting 5 rebounds in those two games combined? 53. The entire starting 5 for the Spurs had only 16 more total rebounds than Drayday. His series averages were Dray-like again, completely filling every column in the box score. Dray’s normal stat stuffing series averages; 11.4 Pts, 11.2 Rebs, 8.0 Ast, 1.0 Blk, 1.4 Stl, and a monSTAR in the paint. K3VIN ” I hit every big shot in the playoffs” Durant was clutch and was the scorer and ball handler they needed, espically at the end of game 5. It was 93-91 with 37 seconds left in the game when KD released his 18 foot jumper over a smothering Rudy Gay in his grill piece. The result? Butter. We’ve grown accustom to KD hitting these game changing jumpers with less than a minute left. It was essentially the game winning basket.

Cupcake this. Game, BLOUSES.
But the series isn’t close to being that easy without  Dray’s…well, Drayness. His smothering defensive tenacity made the city by the bay golden once again. Oh yea…ESPN media…the Dubs decided to flip the switch when the games mattered ???? switch????ON!
????CLASS ACTS: Tuesday perhaps marked the final game for Ginobili and Parker, who played 16 seasons together and two days earlier became the NBA’s winningest playoff duo (132). The sudden death of Pop’s wife has to make you wonder about his future as well, with his contract up at the end of next season. Will he ride off into the sunset with his life long spur vets? Whatever happens for the Spurs, what a long winning ride it has been for the Spurs. They were the most consistent, winning franchise in maybe all of sports (maybe 2nd to the Red Wings) the last 20 years. So what did they do since Parker & Manu started playing together in 2002 (Parker was drafter a year previous) ?  1197 Wins, .689% Winning Percentage, 5 Championships, 167 Playoff wins (132 when Parker & Manu were healthy)  3 Coach of the year awards and about 4-5 awards he got stiffed on. With the way contracts and free agency is in today’s NBA we will never see an extended run like this ever again in not just the NBA, in all sports. Pop’s was a red ass, but his players gave him everything they had on ever single play and were about as loyal as a golden retriever to it’s owner.
” Guys, whats an Instagram?”
ROUND 2 NOTES????   The Warriors face a Pelicans team they were 3-1 against this year, but that was a different Pelicans and Warriors team. With Kerr’s comment about Curry, “He’s not coming back anytime soon”, coupled with the sudden emergence of Jrue Holiday and his top tier chemistry with the Uni-Brow…this isn’t a cake walk and there is a tidal like anxiety wave in Oakland. 30 we need you, and if it’s not sooner rather than later we might be looking at a 7 game battle. Dubs fan rejoice for now, because this is gonna be a William Wallace type War.
PLAYOFF DOMINANCE : Golden State has won 20 of its last 22 playoff games, including a franchise-record 12 consecutive home playoff wins. They are 24-2 (including playoffs) against the Pelicans the last 6 seasons.
Game 1 in Oakland: Saturday Apr 25th, 7:30PM PST  (TNT)
Game 2 in Oakland: TBA
Game 3 in New Orleans: TBA
Game 4 in New Orleans: TBA
Game 5 in Oakland: TBA (if necessary)
Game 6 in New Orleans: TBA (if necessary)
Game 7!in Oakland: TBA (if necessary)
INJURY REPORT????   The Warriors are still without Stephen Curry, but he is expected to return at some point during the second round. The Pelicans are without DeMarcus Cousins for the remainder of the season due to a torn Achilles tendon.


Golden State Warriors projected starting lineup: Klay Thompson; G Andre Iguodala; F Kevin Durant; F Draymond Green; C JaVale McGee

New Orleans Pelicans projected starting lineup: Jrue Holiday; G Rajon Rondo; F Nikola Mirotic; F E’Twaun Moore; C Anthony Davis

Prediction ????
Warriors in 6 without Curry ????????????
Warriors in 5 with Curry ???????? ????
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